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152-106 Web Site Design — 3 cr.

Design, develop and publish a Web site using Microsoft Expression Web software with an introduction to the code being produced by the software. Enhance Web sites using advanced features of MS Expressions Web including DWT templates, master data pages, CSS navigation, alternative media techniques, ASP.NET data connectivity, and validation techniques.

152-107 Graphics for the Web — 2 cr.

Optimize graphics and photos so they download quickly in a Web browser. Gain skills in image slicing and learn practical skills for designing layouts, backgrounds, navigation bars, and buttons in Photoshop.

152-112 Web Coding Technologies — 3 cr.

Learn how to write XHTML and HTML, document structure, block and inline-level tags, float images, control white space, phrase and font markup, and tables. Build a complete working Web site. Gain a working knowledge of CSS. Learn about CSS fundamentals, including the benefits and limitations of the language.

152-115 Design/Implementation/Maintenance Workflow — 3 cr.

Perform the tasks involved in the process and documentation of strategic planning, implementing and maintaining a Web site in a team-based environment. Addresses specific tasks in the Web site design, planning and development process such as project scope and proposals, budgeting, scheduling, specifications, obtaining domain names, registering Web sites, end-user analysis, statistics, testing and troubleshooting, training, and presentation topics.

152-119 Web Designer/Developer Concepts — 2 cr.

Provides a conceptual overview of PC computer, network, Internet, and Web site concepts. Students focus on developing and applying core Internet and Web terminology in regards to network and Internet infrastructures and development concepts.


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