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522-102 IA: Techniques for Reading and Language Arts — 3 cr.

Focuses on best practices in working with children in their development of reading and language arts as well as the roles of the teacher and the instructional assistant. Students gain an understanding of how to work with all children and reinforce instruction individually and in groups through questioning, listening and guiding, and scaffolding techniques. 

522-104 IA: Technology and Media Resources — 3 cr.

Provides the opportunity for the student to develop the knowledge and skills in the area of media and computer resources as it relates to the instructional assistant. Students will gain experience creating and using Web tools including electronic portfolios. Requires the ability to use a computer, navigate the Web, and use common software applications.

522-111 IA: Guiding and Managing Behavior — 3 cr.

Provides the student with research-based concepts and strategies which can be used to prevent behavior problems from occurring in the classroom and respond to misbehavior. Practical application of strategies to organizing instruction, creating a positive classroom climate, building positive student relationships, implementing sound instructional methods, enhancing motivation, and responding effectively to inappropriate classroom behavior will be emphasized.

522-118 IA: Techniques for Math — 3 cr.

Addresses techniques for the Instructional Assistant in assisting the classroom teacher in group and individual tutoring activities in math. Current practice including manipulatives, problem solving and assessment will be covered within the framework of state and national standards.

522-120 IA: Techniques for Science — 3 cr.

The course is an introduction to the content and processes of science. Strategies of teaching science will be studied and practiced and will prepare the student in assisting the classroom teacher in group and individual activities in science.

Total: 15

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