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106-120 Document Processing — 1 cr.

Introduces basic formatting of business letters, one- and two-page reports, tables and memorandums using Windows word processing software. Skill building is provided to enable students to develop an ending speed beyond 38 words a minute requirement.

106-167 Legal Processes and Systems — 3 cr.

Explores the history, components and processes of today’s laws and court systems. Specific areas of the law that are addressed include civil and criminal litigation, family law, real estate, small claims, estate planning and administration. Students view actual court sessions.

106-169 Law Office Applications — 3 cr.

Emphasizes the application of skills required in the law office. Develops skill in legal billing, specialized legal software, banking and filing procedures, tax matters, processing insurance and investments. Students prepare a legal portfolio.

106-175 Legal Documents Production 1 — 2 cr.

Focuses on the preparation of litigation documents for court filing in civil, criminal and small claims cases. Students apply legal concepts to actual court and non-court documents, utilize legal terminology in document preparation and transcribe legal dictation in court and non-court format.

106-176 Legal Documents Production 2 — 2 cr.

Focuses on the preparation of legal documents for real estate, contracts, family law, estate planning and administration (probate and nonprobate), corporate law, bankruptcy and foreclosures. Emphasis is on speed and accuracy in applying legal terminology in document preparation.

106-178 Legal Office Professional — 3 cr.

Introduces the student to the role of the legal professional. Develops professionalism, receptionist and client conferencing skills, telephone techniques in a legal setting, law office ethics, confidentiality, and legal office accounting skills.

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