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522-101 IA: Teamwork in School Settings — 3 cr.

Working together is paramount in helping all children learn. This introductory course will define the role and responsibilities of the instructional assistant. School and educational policies, ethical and moral responsibilities, group dynamics and Wisconsin tribal rights will also be explored.

522-103 IA: Introduction to Educational Practices — 3 cr.

Includes the study of historical, philosophical and social foundations of education; issues and trends including diversity affecting our schools of today including elementary, middle level and secondary educational settings. An overview of the governmental basis of education; fundamentals of teaching methodologies, learning styles, questioning techniques and basic assessment practices will be addressed.

522-106 IA: Child and Adolescent Development — 3 cr.

Provides an overview of physical, motor, perceptual, cognitive, social/emotional, and growth and development birth through adolescence. Analyzes social, parental, cultural, brain, and economic influences on development.

522-107 IA: Overview of Special Education — 3 cr.

Provides an overview of the special education law. Special education classifications and associated causes and characteristics will be explored as well as state and federal qualification criteria will be examined. Societal responses to students with disabilities as well as the impact of a student with special needs on family dynamics will also be covered in this course.

522-111 IA: Guiding and Managing Behavior — 3 cr.

Provides the student with research-based concepts and strategies which can be used to prevent behavior problems from occurring in the classroom and respond to misbehavior. Practical application of strategies to organizing instruction, creating a positive classroom climate, building positive student relationships, implementing sound instructional methods, enhancing motivation, and responding effectively to inappropriate classroom behavior will be emphasized.

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