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196-169 Diversity and Change Management — 3 cr.

Addresses changes in the workforce and their effect on the organization. Explores diversity, including values, age, gender, disabilities, education and culture. Provides a framework to gain advantage by blending and capitalizing on the different skills and perspectives of people and creating an organization where everyone gives their best.

196-189 Team Building and Problem Solving — 3 cr.

Provides opportunities to explore the benefits and challenges of group work, identify the stages of team development, and recognize roles of team players. Examines a systematic problem-solving process. Students apply skills and tools to facilitate problem solving in a team environment.

196-190 Leadership Development — 3 cr.

Each student will demonstrate the application of evaluating leadership effectiveness and organization requirements, individual and group motivation strategies, implementing mission and goals, ethical behavior, personal leadership style and adaptation, impacts of power, facilitating employee development, coaching, managing change, and effective conflict resolution.

196-191 Supervision — 3 cr.

Builds skills necessary for a supervisor to direct individuals and the work that needs to be done within the structure of an organization. Emphasizes the human behavioral aspect of supervision. Focuses on the practical application of supervisory principles of organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

196-192 Managing for Quality — 3 cr.

Examines the role of the supervisor in assisting an organization to produce a quality product and/or service. Examines the Total Quality Management concepts and tools needed in the workplace to stay competitive. Ways to incorporate these concepts and tools will be examined in detail.

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