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307-131 Administration and Supervision — 3 cr.

An overview of roles and responsibilities of directors, supervisors, coordinators and other administrators in early childhood programs.

307-132 Operations Management — 3 cr.

Includes an introduction to systems and operations theory and the identification of concepts, processes, systems, and policies involved in the internal management of early care and education programs. Offers opportunity to apply this knowledge to plans for the improvement of these necessary systems, and for the development of standard operating procedures as appropriate.

307-133 Financial Management — 3 cr.

A review of principles and practices in budget planning and preparation and fiscal management, including hands-on experience with program applications.

307-134 Early Childhood Programs and the External Environment — 3 cr.

Review of early care and education programs including determination of community child care needs, marketing, laws and regulations, working with government and community agencies, and political and societal issues and trends.

307-135 Best Practices — 3 cr.

Establishing and maintaining quality programs based on professional standards and the best available information on child growth and development. Includes a review of literature and research studies, examination of guidelines set for licensing, credentialing of staff and national accreditations of programs, funding requirements and performance standards.

307-136 Administrative Seminar — 3 cr.

Culminating experience in the credential course sequence. Individual projects are required with a focus on the integration of program aspects in developing strategic planning for change.

Total: 18

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