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Term 1

101-112 Accounting 1 — 4 cr.

Emphasizes accounting requirements for sole-proprietorship service businesses. Covers the accounting cycle, from the original business transaction to closing the books at year-end, including the preparation and interpretation of financial statements. Cash and reconciliation of cash are also covered.

101-138 Data Management, Analysis and Reporting

Emphasizes key spreadsheet functionality and tools for application and decision making in a business environment. Basic and advanced topics such as formulas, sorting, building worksheets, charting, linking, look-ups, macros, pivot tables and what-if analysis will be covered.

101-141 Payroll Accounting — 3 cr.

Provides experience in the calculation of payroll and payroll taxes and in the preparation of those records and reports that form the foundation of an efficient payroll system.

103-159 **Computer Literacy – Microsoft Office — 1 cr.

Develops basic computer skills in Windows, Internet communication, professional use of Social Media, word processing with Microsoft Word, spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, and presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. This course is a “hands-on” computer class and cultivates skills for college and work.

801-136 English Composition 1 — 3 cr.

Designed for students to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of the writing process. Planning, organizing, writing, editing and revising are applied through a variety of activities. Students will analyze audience and purpose, use elements of research, and format documents using standard guidelines.

804-107 College Mathematics — 3 cr.

Designed to review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics pertinent to the areas of: (1) arithmetic and algebra, (2) geometry and trigonometry, and (3) probability and statistics. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections, and using calculators.

890-101 **College 101 — 2 cr.

Develops tools and strategies that support success in college. Focuses on utilizing Moraine Park websites, online Course Management System and college resources. Student responsibility and expectations for success in college are explored. Emphasizes learning strategies, goals, lifestyle balance and skills for interdependence.

Total: 19

Term 2

101-114 Accounting 2 — 4 cr.

Concentrates on accounting for merchandising operations and the importance of inventory. Accounting information systems, current and long-term receivables, as well as fixed and intangible assets are also covered throughout the course.

101-134 Introduction to Finance — 3 cr.

Introduces topics in financial planning for business, including purchasing fixed assets, investing, generating funds needed, and cash and debt management.

105-160 Business Law — 3 cr.

Provides a general background to the elements and characteristics of business law. Emphasis is placed on how business law is structured and how it functions in our society. The main portion of the course is devoted to an understanding of contracts and contract structure.

801-196 Oral and Interpersonal Communication — 3 cr.

Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communication and listening skills through individual presentations, group activities and other projects. Course assignments will include presentations, various individual and group projects as well as written work.

809-195 Economics — 3 cr.

Provides an overview of how a market-oriented economic system operates, and surveys factors that influence national economic policy. Students explore economic concepts illustrated through a variety of contemporary problems and public policy issues.

Total: 16

Term 3

101-115 Accounting 3 — 4 cr.

Focuses on financial reporting. Students will produce a complete set of annual reports that are in compliance with GAAP accompanied by a comprehensive analysis of the financial statements.

101-123 Income Tax Accounting — 3 cr.

Provides the basic and intermediate information needed for preparing moderately difficult income tax returns for individual taxpayers. Includes training in the rudiments and applications of the Internal Revenue Code.

101-125 Cost Management — 3 cr.

Emphasizes the need for accurate product costing for industrial and service organizations. Develops principles of job order costing, planning and budgeting. A thorough study of material, labor and indirect expenses is presented.

101-130 QuickBooks – 3 cr.

Introduces QuickBooks accounting software in a hands-on environment. Students create and maintain vendor, customer inventory and employee records process transactions, perform banking functions, maintain ledgers, generate journals, create reports and setup a new company within a computerized accounting environment.

809-199 Psychology of Human Relations — 3 cr.

Explores the relationship between the general principles of psychology and our everyday lives. Students are given the opportunity to achieve a deepened sense of awareness of themselves and others. This understanding enables students to improve their relationships with others at work, in the family and in society.

Total: 16

Term 4

101-126 Advanced Cost Management — 3 cr.

Focuses on the basic methods of accumulating and reporting cost data. Develops principles of process costing. Special emphasis is placed on analyzing cost data to assist management in controlling costs and making decisions.

– OR –

101-128 Auditing — 3 cr.

Covers standards and procedures used by accountants in determining the fairness of a client’s financial statements. Integrates accounting standards, accounting systems, internal control structures, evidence and financial reporting. Topics of discussion include types of audit reports, importance of ethics and internal control.

– OR –

101-129 Applied Income Tax — 3 cr.

Students participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service. Students prepare income tax returns (Forms 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040, Schedule A and Child Care) for the low-income and elderly populations as a practical work experience.

101-145 Integrated Accounting Applications — 3 cr.

This is a capstone course in the Accounting program. Students will use software to integrate a variety of technological skills and accounting concepts. Students will also be prepared for obtaining and retaining an accounting position.

101-154 Microcomputer Accounting Applications — 3 cr.

Provides hands-on experience with a microcomputer-based general accounting system. Students record transactions and generate journals, ledgers, financial statements and schedules. Emphasizes conversion of a manual accounting system to a microcomputer-based system.

101-158 Accounting Capstone — 3 cr.

Provides students with an opportunity to apply competencies and skills acquired throughout the accounting program. Technical skill attainment is measured through demonstration of program outcomes in this capstone course.

809-166 Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application — 3 cr.

Provides a basic understanding of the theoretical foundations of ethical thought. Students analyze diverse ethical perspectives and compare relevant issues. Students critically evaluate individual, social and/or professional standards of behavior and apply a systematic decision-making process to ethical dilemmas.

809-196 Introduction to Sociology — 3 cr.

Introduces students to the basic concepts of sociology: culture, socialization, social stratification, multiculturalism, and the five institutions including family, government, economics, religion and education.

Total: 18

Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements: 69

** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy – Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation.

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