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Term 1

 103-159 **Computer Literacy – Microsoft Office — 1 cr.

Develops basic computer skills in Windows, Internet communication, professional use of Social Media, word processing with Microsoft Word, spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, and presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. This course is a “hands-on” computer class and cultivates skills for college and work.

152-106 Web Site Design — 3 cr.

Design, develop and publish a Web site using Microsoft Expression Web software with an introduction to the code being produced by the software. Enhance Web sites using advanced features of MS Expressions Web including DWT templates, master data pages, CSS navigation, alternative media techniques, ASP.NET data connectivity, and validation techniques.

152-107 Graphics for the Web — 2 cr.

Optimize graphics and photos so they download quickly in a Web browser. Gain skills in image slicing and learn practical skills for designing layouts, backgrounds, navigation bars, and buttons in Photoshop.

152-112 Web Coding Technologies — 3 cr.

Learn how to write XHTML and HTML, document structure, block and inline-level tags, float images, control white space, phrase and font markup, and tables. Build a complete working Web site. Gain a working knowledge of CSS. Learn about CSS fundamentals, including the benefits and limitations of the language.

152-119 Web Designer/Developer Concepts — 2 cr.

Provides a conceptual overview of PC computer, network, Internet, and Web site concepts. Students focus on developing and applying core Internet and Web terminology in regards to network and Internet infrastructures and development concepts.

801-136 English Composition 1 — 3 cr.

Designed for students to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of the writing process. Planning, organizing, writing, editing and revising are applied through a variety of activities. Students will analyze audience and purpose, use elements of research, and format documents using standard guidelines.

890-101 **College 101 — 2 cr.

Develops tools and strategies that support success in college. Focuses on utilizing Moraine Park websites, online Course Management System and college resources. Student responsibility and expectations for success in college are explored. Emphasizes learning strategies, goals, lifestyle balance and skills for interdependence.

Total: 16

Term 2 

152-113 Web Programming Technologies — 3 cr.

Develops skills in using programing concepts by employing the JavaScript language to create Web-based applications and to add animation and interactivity to a Web site. Addresses utilizing preexisting scripting sources, modifying script from other sources and creating original scripting features.

152-114 CSS Technologies — 3 cr.

Explores new features of CSS3. Students will create selective styling, control font properties, control text properties, manipulate color and background properties and work with list and table properties. Also covers CSS box properties, style sheets, responsive design, mobile web app styling, page layout and CSS transformation.

152-115 Design/Implementation/Maintenance Workflow — 3 cr.

Perform the tasks involved in the process and documentation of strategic planning, implementing and maintaining a Web site in a team-based environment. Addresses specific tasks in the Web site design, planning and development process such as project scope and proposals, budgeting, scheduling, specifications, obtaining domain names, registering Web sites, end-user analysis, statistics, testing and troubleshooting, training, and presentation topics.

152-118 Database-Driven Web Sites — 3 cr.

Build a dynamic, data-driven, interactive Web site. Using PHP 5.2.x and MySQL 5.0.x, learn the entire process of building a content management system. Learn the basics of the PHP language (variables, arrays, loops, functions, etc.) and work up to building dynamic Web pages with a MySQL back end. Cover blueprint applications; structure and interact with databases; build, validate and process forms; and regulate user access with passwords.

Total: 12

Term 3

152-117 Emerging Web Technologies and Trends — 1 cr.

Evaluates new technologies, emerging trends, new standards and specifications in the Web development field by performing application of these in the Web site design/development process. Investigation and use of resources and tools for maintaining up-to-date skills in the field will be done. Self-directed learning skills will be developed.

152-120 Web Developer Internship — 3 cr.

Provides an opportunity to apply skills learned in prior Web Design/Development coursework to internship situations. Emphasis is on seeking a job, applying skills to job tasks, adapting to company culture, modeling the core abilities, and demonstrating online collaboration and communication. Employment-ready work samples are required upon course entry.

152-124 e-Commerce: Designing and Marketing Web Sites — 3 cr.

Investigates benefits of e-commerce technologies and solutions. Will plan design and develop a Web site incorporating e-commerce technologies to sell products and services including SEO, traffic building, and marketing techniques. Explores integrating with the company’s current technology structure and business processes including financial, marketing and distribution. 

204-112 Design Fundamentals — 3 cr.

Introduces students to the basic formal elements and principles of two-dimensional graphic design. Uses visual exercises and practical projects to explore visual and creative thinking strategies to develop more effective visual communication.

801-197 Technical Reporting — 3 cr.

Provides students with the concepts, principles and skills for preparing and presenting oral and written technical reports. Types of reports may include lab and field reports, proposals, technical letters and memos, technical research reports and case studies.

Total: 13

Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements: 41

** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy – Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation.

Students will need to complete Basic Math Proficiency.

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