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Term 1

527-100 Introduction to Wastewater Treatment — 54 hours, 3 credits

Provides an overview of the different processes used in wastewater treatment plants, as well as the collection system and sludge disposal procedures. Covers calculations used to determine plant loadings, detention times and percent removal efficiencies.

804-107 College Mathematics — 54 hours, 3 credits

Designed to review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics pertinent to the areas of: (1) arithmetic and algebra, (2) geometry and trigonometry, and (3) probability and statistics. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections, and using calculators.

Total 1st Term: 108 hours, 6 credits

Term 2

527-103 Conventional Wastewater Treatment — 54 hours, 3 credits

Covers the basic biology, chemistry and operational controls of wastewater treatment processes: pre- and primary treatment of wastewater, activated sludge, trickling filters and RBCs (Rotating Biological Contactors). The structure and function of major equipment is explained. Various lab tests and the calculations associated with them are presented.

527-111 Water Chemistry — 72 hours, 4 credits

Explores basic chemical concepts and principles such as elements, compounds, states of matter and reactions that are applicable to evaluating and regulating water quality and applies them to water and wastewater treatment. Students also examine laboratory techniques, equipment, quality assurance and recordkeeping and reporting.

Total 2nd Term: 126 hours, 7 credits

Term 3

527-105 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Processes — 72 hours, 4 credits

Develops competence in management of wastewater treatment processes including disinfection, nutrient removal, tertiary filtration, and sludge handling. Uses the Internet to locate resources useful in managing wastewater treatment processes.

527-120 Hydraulics of Water and Wastewater — 54 hours, 3 credits

Provides information and procedures necessary to predict and manipulate the hydraulics of water transmission and collection. The primary work assignments involve the reading and use of hydraulic principles and then applying them in a real-life case analysis as a laboratory project.

527-136 Equipment Maintenance and Instrumentation — 72 hours, 4 credits

Develops skills in the identification and application of tools, correcting facility and system mechanical problems, and understanding the complete concept of preventative and predictive maintenance. Students will research preventative and predictive maintenance systems. Also, skills will be developed using instrumentation for process control.

Total 3rd Term: 198 hours, 11 credits

Total Program: 432 hours, 24 credits

Related Electives (Unpaid Related)

455-455 *Transition to Trainer, Your Role as a Journeyworker — 8 hours, 0.20 credits


Additional Requirements:

An employer may require an apprentice to complete First Aid, CPR, Confined Space Entry, (527-130) Groundwater Supply and Distribution, and applicable OSHA requirements. An employer may also require an apprentice to obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL).

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